Want to become a ChemDepot vendor?

Do you want to get your products into the hands of US and North American customers? Do you want to reach the huge LCL/LTL market currently being missed by your current supply and distribution chain? Has your distributor or agent gotten so big that they’ve forgotten about you or your products? ChemDepot can help you meet and increase your market coverage objectives, all while simplifying your efforts!

If you are a manufacturer in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan or Indonesia, are you having trouble breaking into the North American market ? Have you observed how difficult it can be to find purchasers willing to commit to a full-container (FCL) order of your product? ChemDepot can help ! We have a step-by-step program for companies who wish to expand or begin export of their products into North America. The program is simple: ChemDepot can shorten the distribution channel between Asian manufacturers/producers and buyers/importers in North America.

ChemDepot works to understand what YOU, the manufacturer, require. ChemDepot’s expansion includes supply and distribution agreements with ONLY THE BEST manufacturers, producers, importers, brokers, master distributors and logistics partners.

Handling and delivering your palletized products to LCL/LTL customers in North America is no longer a problem. ChemDepot will help you get your products to market and into the hands of companies willing to pay the necessary premium for LCL/LTL service.

Complete the form below and send it to ChemDepot Expansion (provide email address or link) and we will get back with you with the exciting details!

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