Arctic Configuration with Changing Room Option

ANSI Z358.1 2009-Compliant Safety Shower/Eyewash

Guarantees 15 Minutes of 20 gpm (75L/m) Tepid Drench

The GFTS15AH is an industry-leading, tank-fed safety shower with an ample Changing Room that is designed for use in areas that may experience extreme cold and where potable water is not available. The changing room allows the victim to change into dry clothes prior to re-entering cold, outside air. This shower is also used to provide a reliable, ANSI-compliant safety shower/eyewash combination that will always provide drench, even if mains water or wells fail. This Arctic configuration is designed for indoor or outdoor use and is capable of full function in extremely cold temperatures down to -67°F (-55°C). This Safety Shower includes:

  • Changing Room Attached to Shower Cubicle
  • Insulated, Sealed Header Tank with Immersion Heater
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Insulated GRP Side and Rear Panels Riveted to the Frame
  • Insulated, Spring-Loaded Doors for quick and easy access
  • 1” Stainless Steel Inlet
  • Overhead ABS rose and Internal Tank-Fed Eyewash
  • Stainless Steel Panic Bar and Testing Lever
  • All required Safety Signage
  • Luminous, Grated Walk-on Platform
  • Drain Sump with 2” Stainless Steel Outlet
  • Visual “Quick Check” Water Level Indicator
  • Internal, Low-Energy Lamp
  • Cubicle Heater to provide safe and comfortable cubicle air temperature

This Arctic configuration with attached Changing Room is designed for indoor or outdoor use and is capable of full function in extremely cold temperatures down to -67°F (-55°C). It features an ample Changing room to provide wet victim the opportunity to put on dry clothes after showering, but before re-entering the cold outside air. insulated, spring-loaded doors with monitoring windows, which provide quick access, protection and privacy for the user, and containment of the wash-off. The side and rear panels are also fully-insulated. The shower cubicle frame is made of 304 Stainless Steel, with 316 available as an option. Mild steel and galvanized steel are not used, as these may corrode over time and weaken the frame. All valves and fittings are stainless steel. The Glass and Resin tank is insulated with 50mm of highly-efficient Polyurethane insulation, providing protection from solar gain and loss and is complete with an Isophthalic Gelcoat finish which provides excellent weathering properties as well as very good water resistance. The tank is complete with UV stability compounds and is filled via a 1” Stainless Steel inlet, situated on the back of the tank near the top. The overhead ABS rose provides the ANSI-required 20 US Gallons per Minute flow. The integrated eyewash provides the ANSI-required 3 US Gallons per minute flow. The immersion heater includes an integrated stat to adjust the maintenance temperature of the stored water. The cubicle is heated by a 475W heater that provides a safe air temperature inside the cubicle while temperatures outside the shower reach extreme lows. The shower is available in 240VAC single-phase. The tank and cubicle sides are made of UV-resistant, heavy GRP. In addition to using industrial-strength adhesive to adhere the GRP to the Stainless Steel frame, the GRP is also riveted to the frame. This is unique in the industry and prevents the “peeling” effect other showers can experience over time. The shower is activated by an interior panic bar, while the eyewash is activated by lifting its protective cover. The floor of the shower is a non-slip, luminous GRP grate and underneath the grate is a drain sump which channels the wash-off to a 2” Stainless Steel outlet at the bottom rear of the shower for easy disposal. A visual water level indicator on the tank exterior allows for at-a-glance water level assessment. An internal, low-energy lamp provides illumination inside the cubicle. A testing lever is included for simple testing and alarm reset (if applicable).

This safety shower meets all standards of ANSI Z358.1 2009 for emergency eyewash and safety showers. It will provide many years of reliable, trouble-free protection.

Options Available:

  • CSA-Certification as an Assembly
  • Flashing Strobe and Siren w/Microswitches
  • 1-Year Water Treatment Kit
  • Economy Configuration
  • Extreme Hot Climate Configuration
  • Marine Configuration for Platform Rigs, Ocean-going Vessels, and Outdoor Coastal Facilities
  • Low-Water Alarm
  • Liquid-activated Sump Pump