Eco99—The Hypochlorous Acid

Surface Sanitizer

Using the Power of the Human Immune System

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a chemical produced by neutrophil in white human blood cells in order to kill invasive microorganisms and fight infection. Eco99 utilizes the power and effectiveness of hypochlorous acid as a surface sanitizer, making it a great defense against harmful microorganisms.

The HOCl formulation of Eco99 is delivered as a dry granule which rapidly dissolves in water to create an effective sanitization solution. As a solution, Eco99 is highly stable, pH neutral, non-corrosive, and safe to humans, pets, and plant life.

Surface Sanitizer Comparisons

In comparison to other sanitizing chemicals, hypochlorous acid stands apart. And when you add the convenience and shelf life of granular hypochlorous acid, there’s no question what you should be sanitizing with.

Sanitizer Attributes


Few Safety Concerns

Cost Effective

Easy to Use

Low After Effect

Few Byproducts

Granular Hypochlorous
Acid (HOCl)

Liquid Hypochlorous
Acid (HOCl)


Quarternary Ammonium


Sodium Hypochlorite


Eco99 provides great protection against the spread of dangerous microorganisms, reducing illness now and in the future.

How Eco99 Works

Traditionally, HOCl is made through an electrolyzed process using water, salt, and power to create a weak acid with a neutral pH; however, the electrolysis process using machines is limited in terms of the level of concentration that the machine is able to achieve. Eco99 uses dry chemistry which has been uniquely stabilized and optimized for a long shelf life and the flexibility to increase concentration to meet the demand of specific environments or applications to defend against microorganisms faster. The dry chemicals are produced into a water soluble granular which is packaged up for easy dilution into various containers sizes. Once mixed, the aqueous solution is readily potent and is ready for application on surfaces.

Upon contact, HOCl kills microorganisms by binding to the cell membrane and affecting its permeability. It tears down cell membranes and degrades proteins as neutrophils engulf the cell and release an oxidative respiratory burst causing it to rupture and disintegrate. DNA synthesis is significantly affected within one minute of exposure.

Because HOCl has no charge and also carries a low molecular weight, it effectively penetrates cell walls and reacts rapidly with organic matter.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is considered a safe and effective chemical defense against disease-causing microorganisms.

Is Your Surface Sanitizer Safe to Use?

Since the spread of COVID-19, virtually all organizations and individuals are using heightened levels of sanitizers, with treatments occurring continuously each day. With increased use of these chemicals, however, comes adverse health risks. Studies link the long-term use of chemicals such as chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATs), hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, bleach, and peracetic acid (PAA) with serious health conditions, including:

  • Painful chemical burns to the skin and eyes
  • Serious allergic reactions
  • Possible fertility-related issues in men
  • 24% to 32% increase in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Estimated 5% and 30% increase in childhood cancer and asthma, respectively

Eco99 is effective, easy to use, and safe for humans, pets, and the environment.

An Easy and Safe Defense

Eco99 comes in a water-soluble powder packed in pre-measured pouches, ready to be added to containers and be mixed. Once mixed, the hypochlorous acid solution becomes potent within a few minutes and is ready for use. In aqueous form, Eco99 is highly stable, pH neutral, non-corrosive, and safe to humans, pets, and plant life.

Less Chemistry, Safer Environment: Eco99 provides total sanitization and defends against harmful microorganisms without hazardous byproducts. Eco99 can be applied with people and pets present because it is non-toxic. The lack of PPE required for application contributes to a better experience for customers and employees who will feel peace of mind that they are being protected without exposure to poisonous chemicals. Due to its low pH, Eco99 requires no disposal considerations and is safe for the environment.

Additionally, Eco99 doesn’t need to wiped off of surfaces after being sprayed, making it very easy to use.

Hypochlorous acid offers many benefits over other commonly used sanitizing agents.

  • HOCl is non-toxic and entirely safe for humans and pets.
  • Among surface sanitizers, HOCl presents high efficacy.
  • HOCl delivers broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity.
  • HOCl leaves minimal residual odor and can be used as a deodorizer for many applications
  • HOCl as a natural compound is generally regarded as safe (GRAS).
  • Microbes do not develop resistance or tolerance against HOCl.

Order Eco99 Today

Dangerous microorganisms will continue to thrive, mutate, and cause sickness and death. Microorganisms can adapt and grow by accelerated means, going from the surface and human transmission to being airborne. 

Eco99 can help protect facilities from the high financial and human costs associated with the onslaught of dangerous microorgansisms. Reach out to ATS ChemDepot to protect you and your organization today.

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