Eco99 Sanitizer Powder Packet, 2.1 Grams

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Eco99 Sanitizer Powder Packet, 2.1 Grams

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a chemical produced by neutrophil in white human blood cells in order to kill invasive microorganisms and fight infection. Eco99 utilizes the power and effectiveness of hypochlorous acid as a surface sanitizer, making it a great defense against harmful microorganisms.

The HOCl formulation of Eco99 is delivered as a dry granule which rapidly dissolves in water to create an effective sanitization solution. As a solution, Eco99 is highly stable, pH neutral, non-corrosive, and safe to humans, pets, and plant life.

This is the 2.1 gram packet of Eco99, which will make 3 gallons of hypochlorous acid-based surface sanitizer at 100 ppm when mixed with water. The 8.4 gram pack of Eco99 will make 12 gallons of surface sanitizer at 100 ppm when mixed with water.

How Eco99 Works

Traditionally, HOCl is made through an electrolyzed process using water, salt, and power to create a weak acid with a neutral pH. However, the electrolysis process using machines is limited in terms of the level of concentration that the machine is able to achieve. Eco99 uses dry chemistry which has been uniquely stabilized and optimized for a long shelf life, and the flexibility to increase concentration to meet the demand of specific environments or applications to eliminate pathogens faster. The dry chemicals are produced into a water soluble granular which is packaged up for easy dilution into various containers sizes. Once diluted, the aqueous solution is readily potent and is ready for application on surfaces.

Upon contact, HOCl kills pathogens by binding to the cell membrane and affecting its permeability. It tears down cell membranes and degrades proteins as neutrophils engulf the pathogen and release an oxidative respiratory burst causing it to rupture and disintegrate. DNA synthesis is significantly affected within 1-minute of exposure.

Because HOCl has no charge and also carries a low molecular weight, it is more effective than chlorine-based sanitizers at penetrating cell walls. It reacts more rapidly with organic matter than chlorine-based sanitizers.

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12-Pack Pouch with 12 Empty 32 Oz. Bottles and Sprayers, Master Stick Case (864 Packets)

Need a different size?

Eco99 comes in 2.1 gram and 8.4 gram packets. The 2.1 gram packet makes 3 gallons of surface sanitizer, while the 8.4 gram packet makes 12 gallons of surface sanitizer.

Eco99, 2.1 Grams

Makes One Gallon of Surface Sanitizer

$94 – $3,110

Eco99, 8.4 Grams

Makes Twelve Gallons of Surface Sanitizer

$96 – $3,802

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