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You’ve landed on a UNIQUE AND EFFICIENT chemical and equipment procurement site called ChemDepot.com. We understand that as a buyer of chemicals and equipment, your time is valuable!! Learn how ChemDepot.com works for YOU!
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CHEMDEPOT will ship to any bonafide commercial or industrial address where there is clear access for large delivery vehicles with dock or forklift capability — including off-road or construction jobsites so long as they are easily accessible by large trucks and ample contact information is provided. FREE!
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Why ChemDepot

Your product has already been sourced. Your order immediately ships from stock.* Delivers directly to your required destination or jobsite. You pay a clearly defined single price, up front, for your pallet of product –nothing more. You will never see added freight bills, fuel surcharges or other fees. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — if you find anything wrong with our products, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days of receipt of goods.

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