ATS ShieldSafe Safety Showers

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ATS ChemDepot is only accepting orders from essential businesses over the phone. If you believe you qualify, call us at 888.570.0400.

ATS ShieldSafe safety showers provide the highest standard of safety while remaining the most maintenance-free safety shower available. ShieldSafe works closely with its customers to provide them—and their employees—the safety solutions they actually need.

Enclosed showers can not only offer a private shower area to victims in the event of an emergency—they can provide a safe refuge from the elements with their steel construction. For on-the-go protection, the mobile shower line-up provides next-level protection wherever you need it.

Many organizations need to meet OSHA regulations on hazardous locations—luckily, ShieldSafe showers are Class 1 Division (C1D1) and Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) configurable, providing the highest level of protection to the areas needed the most. Extreme environmental circumstances make it difficult to develop a safety program, especially in extreme low temperatures. Some cold-weather safety showers are or can be configured to withstand extreme low temperatures.

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